General Practice Material:

Free practice site with lots of word drills at various speeds

Court Reporting Related Practice Material:

Free Court Reporting Dictation, all types of topics on this site
Court Reporting practice files at variable speeds
Speedbuilding for Court Reporting Students
Trial related video archives
Realtime Coach – Subscription Court Reporter Speedbuilding
Court Reporting Podcast with practice episodes
Court Reporter Practice/General Info (Mark Kislingbury)

CART Practice Material:

Yale Courses on YouTube
Ted Talks – Top 20 on Youtube
Audio Books – paid subscription from Audible

TV Weather:

Weather Nation TV
Weather Center Live

TV Sports:

NorCal Sports TV Library
YouTube Sports Videos

TV News Practice Material:

Boston TV News Digital Library
CBSN, the CBS internet news station
BBC Global News Podcast
Daily Blast Live Streaming Trending News
MSNBC Streaming Live

Financial Calls:

Earnings Cast
Earnings Calls Transcripts

Recent News
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