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Questions to ask potential voice writing schools/programs:


  • ► Are the classes offered in a brick and mortar school, or online or a combination of both?

  • ► What are the programs being offered at the school relating to the profession of voice writers as court reporters, CART Providers or captioners?

  • ► Has the school received state accreditation or licensing?

  • ► Does the school offer financial aid and/or scholarship opportunities?

  • ► Does the program accept any transfer credits from other schools?  Does this school have credits that other programs accept in transfer?

  • ► What is the pass/fail rate for the programs I'm interested in?

  • ► Does your school/program offer evening classes for those who work full time?

  • ► Is there an internship or externship requirement and, if so, are there opportunities arranged by the school?

  • ► Does the program offer job placement assistance?  Are records available for job placement upon successful completion of the program?

  • ► Does the school provide opportunities to meet firm owners, e.g. career night?  Which companies/firms recruit at the school?  Will these professionals do presentations for students attending the school?

  • ► Am I able to speak with an instructor, current student and/or graduate of the program?

  • ► Is there a mentoring program for current students to be mentored by graduates of the program and/or working professionals?

  • ► Does the program's cost include all software, hardware, laptop, etc. that is needed to complete the program AND is it full install version of software or student version of software?

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